Our mission
is to get more women (WTFNB) outside

adventuring capably, confidently, and comfortably
by organizing fun and exciting group trips of women, led by professional and experienced women guides, to build skills in outdoor sports and pursuits.


A survey from Outside magazine showed that most women who identify as outdoorswomen were introduced by their parents. Eighty-three percent were exploring from a very young age. Half were girl scouts.

So what if you were never taught to set up camp, start a fire, find a trail, or filter water as a kid? How do you break into the outdoors? How do you start camping, hiking, climbing, surfing, and skiing? It’s intimidating!

Even if you do find a group of friends or a partner you can learn from, it’s hard on both of you to have a beginner - mentor relationship. It gets easier once you know some things and feel like you a) bring something to the table and b) can keep up.

That’s where we come in.


Maybe you’ve never been hiking. Maybe you’ve bagged the highest peaks in your region but want to start climbing and don’t know how. Maybe you’re a 5.11 climber but learning to snowboard and surf is a dream and you don’t want to flail around the boy’s club that is the lineup before you have the basics down. Maybe what you need is a little instruction, a little direction, a little confidence boost, a lot of support, and a ton of fun.

That’s where we come in.


AdventurHER Travel is for women who want a little help getting to know the outdoors. Who are looking for a rad group of women to go hiking or kayaking with, to learn new outdoor sports and outdoor skills with, to have exciting long weekend getaways and active weeklong vacations with.

Bring your girlfriends.
Bring your mom.
Bring your daughter.
Bring your sister.

Or just bring you, because we’re already friends you don’t know yet.


Want to kayak a national water trail from town to town in the Louisiana Bayou with a group of ladies who will shake their tail feathers with you to funky zydeco and cajun jams, and then brunch with you before they weekend is over?
How about a weekend of rock climbing and exploring slot canyons, desert stargazing and camping in canvas safari tents (with beds and bathrooms!) in beautiful southern Utah?
Maybe you want to learn to surf -- we have long weekends in Maine and Maryland, and a weeklong trip in Baja.
Need a ski trip? Learn to ski or snowboard in Vermont, or hit the black diamonds in Banff.
Want to try your hand at dog sledding? Come learn to mush, hunt the northern lights, and sit in the sauna with us in Minnesota.
Want to learn some backcountry skills? From setting up camp, to navigating in the wilderness, to fishing, to avalanche training, we have you covered.

And the best part? We have trips for all skill levels, and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not that jacked-up dude-bro is going to judge or mansplain, because all our guides are professional and experienced women who can’t wait to share the outdoors with you. Whether you’ve been outside your whole life or not, we can’t wait to bring you on our next trip with other women at exactly your level of ability and comfort in the outdoors. You belong here, and you belong outside.


That's where we come in.


Get it, girl.