If you've always dreamed of being a surfer babe but you're intimidated by getting out there in the line-up, come with us and learn to surf! The beautiful shores of Long Beach Island, NJ are perfect for catching your first waves. We'll learn how to read the ocean, how to pop up on the board, and how to maneuver on the wave. Then, we'll take these awesome skills and transfer them to learning a different kind of ocean sport: windsurfing. We'll get the hang of using the wind to ride our boards while we hang on tight to our sails! This trip is designed to give you a taste of these two board sports and enough confidence to keep practicing on your own if you decide being a badass surfer babe is for you! And when we're not riding the waves, we're enjoying boardwalk biking and exploring quaint beach towns.

Every AdventurHER trip is led by a professional local guide (trust us, you want someone with a lot of experience to teach you how to surf) and a Dedicated Adventure Manager (our DAM girls) from AdventurHER. 

Activity Level: Class II; Involves full days of physical activity, but no prior skills are needed to enjoy this trip! 
Lodging: Hotel, prices based on double occupancy.
Included Meals: Breakfasts, lunches, and some dinners.


Day One

We arrive at the beach and settle into our hotel for the weekend, unpacking and taking a moment to unwind from the drive, whether that’s a stroll around town, a quick run on the beach, or a shower. Then we reconvene for dinner on the bay, watching the sun going down and getting ready for a weekend full of adventure.

Days Two & Three

A full breakfast is necessary for this fun, adventure-packed day! We meet our surf instructors for our first surf lesson, where we spend a bit of time learning the basic skills on the beach before we hit the water. After stretching out and practicing the pop, we get out in the water in our own lineup and start surfing!
After a morning spent surfing, a long lunch, and some time to relax, we head back to the water for our second lesson of the day: windsurfing. We’ll take our board-balancing skills from the morning and add in a new feature: a sail. Using the wind to propel us, we learn how to glide along the surf, sailing our boards along the waves.
After a full day of fun on day 2, we return to our hotel to shower, then head up to the boardwalk in Asbury Park for its thriving culinary scene and boardwalk. On day 3, we swing down to Ocean Grove, known as the original seaside resort, to explore the boardwalk and beautiful Victorian architecture. 


Day Four

On our final day, we get up early for a Boardwalk Bike to Brunch Brigade, where we’ll enjoy our last morning on the shore, a bike ride down the boardwalk, and a delicious group brunch before heading home at the end of a fabulous long weekend of seaside fun.


This Trip Includes

Two days of surfing and windsurfing instruction + rentals
Hotel Lodging, double occupancy 3 nights
One dinner, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts, 1 brunch, and many, many snacks
Bike rentals
Transport to and from activities