Logo Tee, Gray

Logo Tee, Gray

18.00 25.00

This super soft cotton poly blend T-shirt is wicked comfortable, whether you’re on a quick hike, hitting the gym, or running around town — and you get to rep our slick logo.

But, we’ll be straight with you. Here’s the thing about this Tee. It runs small. Like, 1 - 2 sizes small, to the point where we got the shipment and wondered if we mixed up women’s and girls’ sizes. No one hates the variance of women’s sizes more than we do, but we have all this stock. So we’re selling this Tee at a marked down price, and we’re donating the proceeds to The Cairn Project, who expands outdoor access by supporting community-based wilderness and outdoor education groups around the country through a small grants program. Buy this shirt for you, for your little girl, for your niece, or for your oversized teddy bear, and help us get more girls and young women outside, adventuring.

Size Guide:

S: length 24, width 14
M: length 25, width 14.5
L: length 25, width 15
XL: length 26, width 16

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