Are your trips only open to women?

Unless otherwise stated to include all genders, all of our trips are open to women and non-binary femmes. We are always WTFNB friendly.

Why only women?

It’s important to us to provide designated, intentional space for women to explore and advance their skills in the outdoors and in outdoor adventure sports, which have traditionally (and continue to be) very male dominated and, at times, very macho environments. Allowing for adventures by women, for women means that women will always be in the lead on our trips, making decisions, collaborating, and supporting each other.

We hire women guides when possible — the guiding industry is still heavily male dominated and we can’t always fully staff a trip with women, though we’re working to change that, and by participating in our trips, you’re helping.

Are there age restrictions?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our trips are 18+.

How do I know the ability level of the trip is right for me?

We have a rating system for our trips to help you decide if it’s right for you or not. We want to be sure that you end up on the right trip for you, your skill level, and your physical ability. We've devised the following rating guide for you (based on whitewater class ratings because we thought we were clever), but you're always welcome to call us and discuss these adventures!

Class I: Easy and relaxing with some physical activity.
Class II: Full days of physical activity, but no prior skill needed. Great for beginners!
Class III: Full days of physical activity with prior skill and experience required. See each trip for specific skill requirements.
Class IV: Full days of physical activity and type 2 fun! You should be pretty experienced and confident in your abilities in the activities in this level.

Are you hiring?

Not at this time, but we’re always happy to keep resumes on file!

Do you have an ambassador program?

We DO! We have two levels of ambassadorship:

Level I: Rep our brand and earn credits toward your own trip! For everyone who signs up using your name as how they found out about us, we’ll give you $50 toward a trip of your own.

Level II: Want to get more involved and earn a free trip? Shoot us a message or give us a call. We’ll plan a trip you want to go on, organize it, and host it; you sell the spots, and when you get a full trip, we pay for you to go!

Other questions?

Contact us here!